Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introduction and first mini rant.


I'm typing this by candle-light as my neighbourhood has just plunged into darkness; an auspicious start for my blogging alter-ego! It's quite a romantic setting I suppose, although I do wish the unpredictable Egyptian electricians had found a way of having the country's air-conditioners wired so that they were never affected by these power cuts! BTW the unpredictability of Egyptian electricians, plumbers etc. is a topic for another day. It would be fairly long!

After that -slightly random- ramble allow me to introduce myself; my name, as you may have guessed, is falafel (no, really). I'm a British-Egyptian girl in my mid-twenties, born in England (Cheltenham), raised and currently living in Cairo. I graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy in June of 07 and by September had realized that none of the career paths available in the field appealed to me at all; so in October I applied for a position as a co-teacher at an international school, started the same day and haven't looked back! In fact before the lightswent out I was looking up MA courses in education in the UK, suffice to say, I'm in it for the long haul!

That's all for now,I'm sure it will be easier to get to know me as you read my blogs; whether they be in the form of a ramble, a rant or a fangirl 'squee!'



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  2. As a Canadian-by-birth Egyptian-by-blood in his late twenties who invested 9 years of his life studying medicine in Egypt, I wish I had the luxury of switching to something more in line with my real passions... computing and engineering...SIGH.

    I had a theory about the 3rd world country society subconsciously steering my study decisions (because my parents certainly did not)... I'd really like to know, by the time you decided to study pharmacology, how many years had you already spent in Egypt?

    Halifax, NS.

  3. I've lived here pretty much my whole life, so if I went to university at 17, I'd been here for 13 years!

    Question for you: why on earth did you study medicine in Egypt not Canada?!

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  5. Oh, well -as you might expect- I get this question all the time over here :) Actually, it's pretty important to clarify why because otherwise, it reflects poorly upon myself as it implies that I was one of the Canadian grads with scores too low to do medicine in Canada, that I had to travel abroad and do it there.

    Actually, we moved to Egypt when I was around 9-10 years old. I did part of elementary, middle, and high school in Egypt; so it was pretty logical to do medicine there as well, which getting into -as you surely know- is no walk in the park, at all.

    I spent, overall, 17 years in Egypt (Cairo). I'm actually a bit surprised that -having read your "Left in the Cold" post- you have trouble understanding Arabic after 13 years in Egypt, or were you referring to a close friend's experience?


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