Monday, October 11, 2010


   A few months ago a friend introduced me to Weekend Trips a group that was founded to help people find more interesting things to do at the weekend than just go out for dinner and a movie. The first trip I went on was to a beautiful island in the Nile, once there you'd never guess you were 15 minutes away from the busy suburb of Maadi or actually under one of Cairo's busiest bridges.
   This past Wednesday was the 6th of October, as any Egyptian schoolchild will be able to tell you, this was the day -in 1973- that the Egyptian army crossed the Barlev line (a defencive sand barrier reinforced with concrete) in Sinai and regained control of the peninsula. To commemorate this victory October 6th is a national holiday and this year-thanks to Weekend Trips- my friends and I spent it shooting at people we had just met!

    The group had organized a paintball battle at Rehab Club in Rehab City  and we were divided into 6 groups and pitted against each other. My team decided to call ourselves 'The Expendables', unfortunately, we didn't channel Sly Stallone and his crew and we lost all 4 of our matches! Did we care? Nope!! We had so much fun just running around pretending to be soldiers and picking up bruises that winning wasn't important.

   So next time you're stuck for ideas of what to do at the weekend, take a look at the itinerary at Weekend Trips, let your hair down, do something new and have a blast!!


  1. OMG FC!!! Your entry almost covers all the points I touched on!! We must have been on the same wavel length yesterday!!


  2. Hi, sweet lady!!!! I just found out about your blog, so of course, I have to say hello and wish you well. It's been too long!

    What are you currently watching? reading? what foreign dramas/films are high on your recommend list?

    I'm still reviewing Asian television and movies, so most of my recs would be in that field, but can't wait to hear from you (here or anywhere we are connected!)

  3. Oh my goodness LW!! What happened, you disappeared off the face of the Earth?! I have to admit Asian tv and movies are a mystery to me, at the moment I'm watching Merlin, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Glee and any costume drama I can get my hands on.

  4. I'm sorry, I didn't disappear so much as life just got REALLY busy for me! It still is ... but I'm around from time to time, still checking on all things RA and costume dramas!

    I am watching Hotaru no hikari 2 (Japanese dorama), Playful Kiss (Korean), Giant (Korean), Runaway Plan B (Korean), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Korean), Frontpage (Malaysian), Oum Rak (Thai lokorn), Pangako Sa Yo (Philippine teledrama), NCIS (U.S.), and
    All Creatures Great and Small (UK).

    Remind me, what is your favorite drama of all-time? I can give you an Asian drama recommendation (and the sites to watch it on with subtitles in your preferred language) based on that. Many of them are fantastic, and cultural references and differences just need an explanation (which I'm handy for!).

    There's a few dramas that have the tension of North & South or Pride & Prejudice, for instance, and some men that smoulder like JT.

    It's so good to check on your blog!!


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