Tuesday, February 8, 2011


    No, I'm not talking about the art movement of the same name-although I am a big fan of the work of Salvador Dali. I'm referring to the way things and circumstances, that a 17 days ago were-if not unthinkable- then at least improbable.

   There is a tank parked outside my building, I have to navigate it to get my car out to the main road. Every night  we hear several more tanks trundle down the road and while the first couple of times we rushed to the window to watch them, we now just say 'tanks' and carry on. 15 days ago I'd only ever seen a tank either in a museum or when they were being transported.

   Curfew was a word on the news that related to other countries and relic of high school when I had to back home before 11pm. Now it's worked it's way into everyday conversations as we work out our day around it.

  Yes, life has seemed very surreal over the past 2 weeks, and it may for some time. But somehow it feels more real than ever.


  1. New vocabs have found their way, or let's say became more frequently used in our daily life. Egyptian revolution protestors and Martyrs, Muslim-christian unite, tanks, curfew, "the guys are downstairs in the cold protecting us"...

  2. I find it strange, watching it from here in England, to see tanks and troops in residential streets. I can only imagine what it's like to actually be there!

  3. The world is watching, waiting, and hoping. Be safe while history is being made.


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