Saturday, May 28, 2011

A sense of accomplishment--TCNJ Class of 2011

    This has been a very long, very stressful week. For the past 18 months I have been enrolled in The College of New Jersey's global programme for teacher training. Last month I earned my teacher certification (qualification) and then this week I began the Masters program with the same college. The first step was the comprehensive exam to bring together all the content we have covered so far.

   To say that revision was tiring would be an understatement, bringing together the notes, presentations, papers and articles in a week was a mammoth task. We took each of these courses over a week in condensed form and all of us were teaching full time alongside that, not to mention that most of us went back home to families (often with young children).

   Although I have learned plenty from my professors and the course content taught over this time, I have to say that my true inspiration has been my fellow student-teachers. They are all wonderful women (and the occasional man!) who are passionate about their profession, their subjects and most importantly, their students.

  With the changes happening in Egypt now, we have a bigger chance than ever before to really make a true difference to the future of our country. The future's bright!!

TCNJ Class of 2011

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  1. Fantastic! Really proud of you, and I'm positive your knowledge and experience will change Egypt for the better. Is that school the Hayah International in New Cairo? I'm moving into the area later in the year!

  2. Congrats! Don't know how you pull that off but wow!


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