Friday, June 17, 2011

Total Eclipse of The Moon

  On Wednesday night Egypt experienced the first total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. The full moon had been the night before and was brilliantly bright in the night sky. I would have loved to have gone on a trip out to the desert to have a view unaffected by Cairo lights and pollution. As it was, I am still taking a Master's course and actually had a class that night so the starlight eclipse viewing was out of the question unfortunately.

   Luckily, our professor- one very cool lady btw- was as excited as we were about it so we went down to the field to have a look at around 8pm, but at the time nothing had happened yet.
Yes I know it's sideways!

     After checking up on Twitter for more details, we realised that nothing was expected to happen till about 8:22 pm and since we have a presentation to prepare and a paper to research for and write up we all traipsed back upstairs. Class was let out early so that we could watch the eclipse begin.
   The shadow started to appear over the bottom left of the moon and then spread out across the rest. 


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