Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever!

  It's that time again! Every four years 32 countries become very patriotic, flags are hung on anything that stays still long enough, national anthems and other patriotic songs are sung and for a few weeks club differences are put aside as the national team takes centre stage. I'm talking, obviously, about the FIFA World Cup.
  The first World Cup was hosted, and won, by Uruguay in 1930 and since then has been played every for years except in 1942 and 46 when it was stopped due to WWII (which was just as well really, can you imagine if England had lost to Germany on penalties then?!).
   This year the tournament is being hosted by South Africa, the first time an African country has ever hosted the event and they've done a stellar job so far. The opening ceremony was a tribute to the whole continent and was a colourful and varied as the land itself.
   Since Egypt (once again) didn't qualify, I will be supporting England and Spain. England out of patriotism and because they need all the help they can get and Spain because they stand a pretty good chance of winning (at least that's what the 'experts' say).

C'mon England!!!


  1. What a poor, shameful and effortless performance by the English. That was just a sad display of football.... Everyone knows that each player -on his own- is infinitely better than his US counterpart (except for James -the goalkeeper- of course), but typical of England, they don't play seriously unless they're facing a European team.

    Now the US will think they're equal... Great.

  2. All I can say is that it's worrying that the best performance so far in this world cup has been from south korea. All the usual suspects have been terrible so far!

  3. True, true. This is shaping into a disappointing World Cup -performance wise (even worse than Korea-Japan 2002)....As if it wasn't bad enough the atmosphere has been totally ruined with those GD Vuvuzela horns constantly buzzing like mosquitoes I keep hearing instead of the sounds of crowd chants supporting their respective teams.... I can only hope the performance gets better in time.

    Teams like Spain and Portugal cannot disappoint even if they wanted to... hopefully...


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