Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anticipation, Excitement and a Healthy Dose of Fear

     Over the past 4 years in various classrooms I've been lucky enough to see several experienced and talented teachers at work. I've been in very different classroom environments and seen a variety of discipline systems and organizational techniques. As these classes have been across a range of age levels I have gained an idea of what children are capable of and how they behave.

    Next year I will be in charge of my own class for the first time after finishing my teaching degree. While I'm thrilled to bits and very excited to be working with my favourite age group I'm also whisper it...terrified. What's brought this on you wonder? Well it's probably down to the fact that one of my colleagues has been out for the past few days and I've taken her class. The kids have been, to put it politely, not very well behaved. I walked out of the class at the end of my lessons today convinced that I will be a failure as a teacher next year. That my plans and ideas will be good but the execution poor because I will not be able to control the students.

  So here's hoping it's all in my head and that next year I will have a class of -fairly- well behaved students who will learn, follow rules, get work done and have fun!


  1. You can not get to kids depending on a teaching degree only, needs talent and a strong yet funny personality. If you have it then every thing will go smoothly and it will be fun to the kids and you as well. Good luck with that.

  2. I know what you mean. I loved the teaching itself when I worked in a school, that connection with the children. But there were days were I just felt like I was doing crowd control. I hated those days!

  3. Nora, kids always act their worst when their regular teacher is out and there's a substitute. What you experienced is NOT what you'll find in your own classroom. Don't be afraid!


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